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Rummage Through the Silence Pre-Sale

October 10 12:00 am - November 10 11:59 pm

Available now for Pre-Sale

Rummage Through the Silence, brewed in Collaboration with Thicc Bois Glass

Imperial Stout Aged In Blanton’s Barrels w/Chocolate, Tahitian Vanilla, Raspberry & Blueberry – 13.6 %

500 mL Bottles $25.99

Thicc Bois Glassware & Stout Bottle Set – $125.99

Volume: 16 – 19 Oz – Charcoal To Amber Fade – Glass Blower: @BolducGlass

Orders will be available for pick up, in the Asheville Taproom Only, starting November 11th.

Glass ware quantities are limited so get them while they last!

Order Here:

*A note from Thicc Bois: These glasses are made individually by hand. Please hand-wash with extreme care. As with any piece of glassware, it is common for small air bubbles and other imperfections to appear. The imperfections will not affect the quality of the glass, but if this is an issue for you, please do not purchase our hand-blown beer glassware.