Smal​l Batch Arc​​​​​​hive
​​The Fortune 6 (5.5% abv / 37 ibu)
Wet Hopped Pale Ale w/ Persimmons, Fig, Goumi Berries, Quince, Honeysuckle, Plum

Nice Trip (10.4% abv / 21 ibu)
Belgian Tripel w/ Saffron, Honey, Concord Grapes

Street Busker (6.6% abv / 80 ibu)
Red IPA w/ Strawberry, Basil

Wit Dream (5.3% abv / 14 ibu)
Belgian Wit w/ Blueberry, Basil, Vanilla

Popo (4.9% abv / 42 ibu)
Session IPA w/ New Zealand Hops, Papaya, Pink Guava

Natural Born Farmer (7% abv / 30 ibu)
Tart Farmhouse w/ White Peach, Pink Peppercorn

North Fork / Left Fork (5.8% abv / 12 ibu) German Hefeweizen w/ Makrut Lime Leaves

Bronsolino (3.8% abv / 40 ibu)
Red Session IPA w/ Hemp Seed

Bumblestick (5.1% abv / 31 ibu)
Nut Brown Ale w/ Toasted Cinnamon

All The Boys Milkshake IPA Series
Upside Down Pineapple Cake

All The Boys Milkshake IPA Series
Mango & Lychee

Earl of Lemongrab
New England Style IPA w/ Lemongrass

Plant City
Dry Hopped Strawberry Saison

Jeffin' Around

Wheat w/ Cocoa Nibs

Blue Dream

Passion Fruit Milkshake IPA

OG Purp

Saison w/ Purple Carrot Juice & Meyer Lemon

Andre the Giant
Imperial Biere de Garde

Linoleum Knife

Imperial IPA

Cry, Ryan, Cry
Smoked Rye Wine

Peaches & Cream

Berlinerweisse w/ Peaches, Vanilla, & Lactose

Strange Famous

Farmhouse IPA

Steamcog (5.6% abv / 17.5 ibu)
Dry hopped Grisette with Roselle leaves

HPR (7.4% abv / 28 ibu)
English Rye with honey malt


Barnfire (5% abv)
Smokey Maple Maple Farmhouse w/ Candy Caps

Chair (3% abv)
Belgian Table Beer

Awkward 3 Way (5% abv)
Nut Brown w/ Pine State Coffee & Vanilla
-Brewed for Drink Drank Drunk’s 3rd Anniversary-

Written in Blood (10.5% abv)
Port Barrel aged Quadrupel w/ Sangria Fruit

Wook Feathers (6%)
Imperial Berlinerweisse Fermented on
H&H Rum Staves w/ Tangerine & Vanilla
-Collaboration w/ the Cardinal-

Barrel Aged Dark Sour Larger

White Pin (6.3% abv / 48 ibu) 
White IPA w/ Pineapple

Slow Ruin ( 6.2% abv / 22 ibu)
Dark Saison w/ Pecan, Raisin, Cacao

The Big Le"stout”ski (7% abv / 16 ibu)
White Russian Oaked Milk Stout

Forage (5.2% abv / 28 ibu)
American Amber w/ Reishi Mushrooms, Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Holy Basil

Hannya (5.1% abv / 35 ibu)
Ale w/ Purple Sticky Rice, Green Tea

Root Down IPA (8% abv / 30 ibu)
Imperial Saison w/ Root Beer Spices

Smokey Diver (3.7% abv / 5.4 ibu)
Smoked Oyster Gose

Rise of the Spruce (10.4% abv / 96 ibu)
Imperial IPA w/ Spruce Needles, Honey

Steam Cog (5.6% abv / 17.5 ibu)
Dry-Hopped Roselle Grisette
Dry Hopped Blueberry Cobbler Pale Ale

To The Marrow
Oatmeal Stout w/ French Broad Cacao Nibs

City of Gold (S.M.A.S.H. Beer) 
El Dorado Hops & Golden Promise Malt

Chainsaw Panda
Dry-Hopped Session IPA

I am Gruit
Gruit w/ 13 Botanicals

Agua Mala
Tropical fruit forward American IPA turned deliciously wicked by aging six months in oak tequila barrels and then dry-hopped with Mosaic, Azacca, El Dorado, and Simcoe

Low Earth
Nitro Imperial Porter w/ Lavender & Coffee

Astro Kitty

Belgian Blonde w/ Toasted Coconut & Coffee


Tart Farmhouse w/ Pineapple, Orange, Cherry, Vanilla, Pecan & Coconut

Joe Roggenbier

German Rye Ale Aged on H&H Rum Staves

Petite Saison w/ Musk Melon

Smoked & Oaked
Smokey Juniper Farmhouse Ahed on H&H Rum Staves

Smoked Rye Porter

Rustic Belgian Ale w/ Purple Sweet Potatoes

Mannequin (5.4% abv / 29 ibu)
Belgian Oatmeal Extra Pale Ale

Cultivated Moments of Gravity
Biere de Garde w/ Persimmon & Reishi
-Collaboration w/ Mad Co. Brewing-

Hop n' Lock (7.1% abv/ 32 ibu)
NE Style IPA w/ Eureka, Denal, Bravo, & Mosaic

Ajo Negro (6.9% abv)
Porter w/ Black Garlic

12 Grain (6.2% abv/ 30 ibu)
11 Grain Hoppy Brett Farmhouse

Cosmic Apotheosis (10.7% abv/ 55 ibu)
Bourbon Barrel Fermented & Aged
Brett Double IPA w/ Mosaic, Citra,
Idaho 7, & Blanc
-Collaboration w/White Labs-

And So it Gose. . . (6% abv)
Imperial Gose w/ Foraged Prickly Pear, Outer
Banks Sea Salt, Rayburn Farms Hibiscus,
& all NC Riverbend Malt
-Collaboration w/ New Sarum Brewing-

Native Violet (7.5% abv / 18 ibu)
This Saison with Purple Sweet Potato is everything you expect from a clean, bright, and pretty Saison. Fruity and spicy, the clove notes blend perfectly with this violet southern staple for a finish that is a bit nutty and subtly sweet like a delicious bite of sweet potato pie. Try a slice or two of this Native Violet, its just how mamma use to make it...

Blackberry Fluff (3.9% abv)
Berliner Weisse w/ Blackberry, Graham Cracker, Toasted Marshmallow, & Vanilla

Beaucatcher Nut Brown Ale (6% abv / 31 ibu’s)
This English Nut Brown Ale is just as solid as its mountainous namesake. Rich and medium bodied, this complex brew is exactly what you would expect when your taste buds urge for the good solid strength of a
well-balanced English Nut Brown chock full of layered flavor.
Fight Club (5.7% abv/ 20 ibu)
We can’t talk about fight club...
But for you, we’ll make an exception...
Sour Pale Ale w/ Lemongrass & Vanilla
Night Sauce Stout (5.9% abv / 31 ibu)
As dark as it sounds, this saucy Chocolate Rye Stout is bursting with aromas and notes of chocolate from French Broad Chocolate Lounge and tellicherry peppercorn. Full-bodied and loaded with chocolate rye, black patent, roasted barley, and various caramel malts, this beer is as drinkable as it is delicious.