Our Colony
Gary Sernack
​​Gary brings more than fifteen years of kitchen and ten years of home-brewing experience to the Bhramari team. He honed his culinary skills by attending Johnson and Wales Denver and spent the next ten years working in fine dining establishments from San Francisco to New York City, and finally to Asheville. He started home-brewing in San Francisco and has been building a cache of core recipes since. Gary is excited to bring local and novel ingredients together to produce whimsical but approachable beers.
Gary Sernack
Head Brewer, Owner
Josh Dillard
Josh started his culinary journey in Chicago at Le’ Cordon Bleu culinary arts school. After graduating, he moved to Asheville, NC and worked for the Biltmore Forest Country Club then moved on to Zambra Restaurant where he spent seven years helping transform it into an American contemporary small plate restaurant. Beyond food and restaurants Josh believes in community, locality, and our environment. He puts these into practice by reducing waste in his kitchens, supporting community causes, and cultivating relationships with local farmers.
Josh Dillard
Executive Chef, Owner
Audra​ G​aiziunas
Eight years ago, Audra took the position of Controller at Dogfish Head Brewing, thus starting a career that has captured her heart and made her a very sought after consultant in the brewery business. She has been a consultant for over 75 breweries to date, lending her expertise on everything from startups to brewery accounting and finance, to growth plans and inventory management. Audra's wealth of knowledge on all aspects of this business provides sound direction for Bhramari on numerous fronts.
Josh Dillard
Allison​ Simpkins
Director of Marketing and Operations
Allison is the glue that keeps the whole hive together. With her calm guiding hand and smart as a whip demeanor, Bhramari has been able to blossom into a wonderful place to work and play. Not only does she keep the whole train on track (including her husband Gary, the head brewer), Bhramari also gets to benefit from her creative outlet of making kombucha, which is some of the best in Asheville! Bhramari is a complex and beautiful creature that needs a guiding hand. Allison is that hand that touches every department and acts as the bridge that connects them all to work seamlessly. 
Josh Dillard
Rhea has been involved with North Carolina’s thriving beer scene since before it was thriving! From the very beginning when Pop the Cap opened the doors for breweries to start populating NC, she was thirsty to gather all the stories of local craft she could and learn as much as was possible about what makes craft beer so special. She in turn has spent her whole career sharing that passion with all who want to be introduced to the magical world of local craft beer. She doesn't think craft beer drinkers are born, they are made -- so she does her part everyday for the cause. Just so happens, she is able to do so while selling for what she says is her favorite brewery to date, Bhramari Brewing! Besides selling the beer, Rhea also brews our house sodas and writes all the fun descriptions!

Rhea Lidowski
Sales Manager
Josh Dillard
Asha not only runs the ship in the taproom, but she also makes some of the most beautiful cakes known to mankind. An Asheville native, she trained at Johnson & Wales University in Baking and the Pastry Arts and has worked at several prestigious restaurants in the area while running her own cake business, Kali Cakes. Her energy and pride in her work shows everyday in making Bhramari Brewing a fun place to visit and be a part of!

Asha Hertel
Restaurant Manager

Josh Dillard
After getting his feet wet working for a beer distributor in Florida, Ryan got the bug to delve deeper into the industry and moved to North Carolina to enroll in the brewing program here at AB Tech. After earning his Associates Degree in Fermentation Sciences, Ryan spent a year interning at Catawba Brewing and then  found a home with Bhramari! Ryan's enthusiastic personality and passion for the beer making process  has been essential to making Bhramari a great place to discover something new!

Ryan Freeman
Assistant Brewer